Fees and bursaries

fees and bursaries






The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts protest outside Parliament about the tripling of tuition fees by the coalition government in 2010.

I offer very high quality campaign training but want to be sure that it is accessible to all campaigners, from the largest charities to the smallest grassroots campaigns.  All campaign training courses are set at low-cost affordable fees, and bursaries are also available. The fees for workshops are:

– Large organisations (turnover more than £2m): £80
– Medium organisations (turnover of £500k – £2m): £60
– Small organisations (turnover less than £500k): £40
– Community groups, campaign groups and very small charities (turnover less than £100k): £20

If you want me to run a workshop for you in-house, for a group of staff/trustees/volunteers, then please refer to the bespoke campaign training page for fee information.

I also offer one free bursary place for every workshop. Bursary places are available to unwaged people.

If you are provided with a bursary and do not attend the workshop (unless you are ill or have a personal emergency and notify me prior to the workshop), I reserve the right to refuse any further bursary requests from you for future workshops.

To apply for a free bursary place, please email training@harmitkambo.com with just a one sentence response to each of the following points:

– Which workshop you want to attend
– What you are campaigning about, or what you want to campaign about in the future
– Your financial circumstances (no need to divulge anything personal or sensitive, but I do need to get a sense of your financial situation)
– How this workshop will benefit you