How to get grant funding for your campaign

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Date: This half-day course is only available as an in-house workshop. If you would like this workshop to be delivered for you and your colleagues email
Duration: 3.5 hours

About the workshop
Whether you are a grassroots campaign or a large charity, getting grant funding for your campaign has a different set of challenges to getting other kinds of funding. It can involve providing a theory of change and monitoring and evaluation metrics, to assure funders that your campaign is highly focused. This half day workshop will take you through what you need to do to make a compelling case for a grantmaking trust to fund your campaign.

It will also look at who the main grantmaking trusts and foundations for funding campaigns in the UK are.

Target audience
Anyone from a large or small charity or campaign group (even if you’re not a registered charity). If you are running a political campaign, this workshop is not suitable for you.

Learning outcomes (i.e. what you will be able to do after the workshop to progress your campaign)
After the workshop you will:
– be able to (re)design your campaign in a way that is fundable
– be able to describe your campaign in the way that will make it easier for grantmakers to fund you
– know who the key grantmaking trusts that fund campaigning are

Resources provided
– PowerPoint slides and other course materials will be emailed to you after the workshop (no printed materials are provided on the day for environmental reasons).