Perfect your campaign elevator pitch

Date: This half-day course is only available as an in-house workshop. If you would like this workshop to be delivered for you and your colleagues email
Duration: 3.5 hours

About the workshop
An ‘elevator pitch’ is a concise verbal description of your campaign, designed to inspire policymakers, journalists and other audiences to support your campaign. A good campaign elevator pitch should last no longer than 45 seconds (try doing it right now – it’s not easy is it?!). This workshop will take you through what an inspiring elevator pitch should cover (and not cover) and give you the opportunity to write your pitch, practice it and get group feedback and coaching to hone it further.

Target audience
– This workshop is suitable for campaigners at all levels, whether you are a grassroots activist or a seasoned professional campaigner.
Anyone from a large or small charity or campaign group (even if you’re not a registered charity).

Learning outcomes
After the workshop you will:
– understand the importance of you and your campaign colleagues have a concise and inspiring elevator pitch for your campaign.
– know which messages to prioritise for different audiences
– have a polished elevator pitch for your campaign (although you will need to carry on practicing and honing it after the workshop!)

Resources provided
– PowerPoint slides and other course materials will be emailed to you after the workshop (no printed materials are provided on the day for environmental reasons).